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Ceremony & Reception Example

Highlight Reel Example

Key Features

  • Average Video is 2-3hours long
  • We film & delivery the entire ceremony in all packages
  • We provide a mic for the groom to get the best audio for the vows
  • We film most of the reception with exception of dinner. In our all day packages we stay to the last scheduled event and get at least 1 hour of dancing.


We have been filming weddings and events for 7 years and we still love doing it. With all of that experience we have refine the way we film and our setup. Gone are the big bulky cameras. Gone are the radio microphones that can drop right in the middle of a ceremony. We have run into every possible scenario and have adapted our method to overcome all of them. With small actively stabilized cameras (no shaky footage here) we can follow that action like never before. With up to 5 cameras filming simultaneously we are confident we will get every angle.


Although you don’t need the very very best technology to film a wedding but it does help. Advancements over the last couple years have greatly increasing the low light (think reception) capability of our cameras. This combined with active video stabilization keeps our footage steady and clear like never before.

How we film

Every wedding is the same and every wedding is completely different. With that in mind the way we normally setup our cameras is to use small remote cameras up from near the alter. This gives us a great wide angle of the vows and and the bridal party without the need of actual person there. Then we use that same style of small remote cameras to film the isle as the bride is coming in. We do this to preserve any photos being taken. Our third remote camera is our wild card. It goes wherever we need it to. Our experienced videographers will position themselves so that they get the best angle of the bride and groom as well as any speakers. We put a lapel mic on the groom and that captures his voice and the brides voice during the ceremony. We we get back to the computer we put all the different angles together to make a dynamic video that captures the entire event and is compelling to watch. We go on to film the rest of the day with that level of detail. On average we delivery about a 2 hour movie of your entire day.


What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“My husband and I had the privilege of having SwordFish Media take our engagement and wedding photos. Our engagement photos were perfect and reflected every aspect of our relationship, the love we have for each other, and our personalities. We continued to be impressed when Ian captured every moment and detail of our wedding, and these photos will allow us to cherish and relive the memories of our special day forever. Not only were we pleased by the service and quality we received, but also Ian’s relaxed personality and professional demeanor made our experience working with him so enjoyable. We highly recommend SwordFish Media!”

Laura & David Albrecht

“As we were planning our wedding, we were hesitant on having a videographer and decided last minute to get one.  We found out about Swordfish Media through a friend and are so glad we got the referral.   Ian and Mike did an amazing job capturing the events of our big day from all different angles and worked so well with our photographer.  It was seamless and like they were not even there.  They have provided us with everything in digital copy so we can watch the activities of the day any time we want on anything from a laptop to a smart TV.  The media was organized so that we can watch it end to end or just pick out key events to relive over and over.  The audio quality was excellent along side the video.  They were able to capture the entire ceremony without the two of us needing to wear microphones.  They also captured general conversations throughout the day’s events while playing our chosen songs in the background.”

Rich & Natalie Clum

“Swordfish Media specializes in telling a story with a unique and innovative style, that touches lives in a very meaningful and compelling way. Life is full of endless possibilities. With Swordfish Media, the adventure of your special event will be written with heart felt memories beyond your wildest dreams. ”

Penny Wilson

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