I used to take these questions as a personal insult.  At that point, I was a lot younger and didn’t understand that most of my clients do not know all the work that goes into producing a commercial, event, or wedding. So lets talk about what actually goes into making a movie of your special day.


SwordFish Media Productions is a full production company. Meaning, we can service anything from a quick web video all the way up to filming a feature length movie. Most of our work is from commercials, weddings and events. We bring the best equipment to each one of those because I am a fanatic for quality. We film on a Red Scarlet Dragon. That camera is at home on movie sets and high end commercials and my friends in the production industry just can’t understand why I would use it on a “lowly wedding” when there are so many other cheaper cameras out there. For me that doesn’t work.  I want the best picture I can find to produce all of my videos. To that end, the camera that I use to film your wedding costs about $20,000. And that is just one camera!  I also have smaller cameras to put at various angles to capture every moment.


It takes on average 35 hours to fully film and edit an entire wedding; not to mention the ancillary hours of delivery.  Let’s not forget the cost and maintenance of all the equipment- if SwordFish Media charged $250 for a wedding I would be making  $7.00 an hour. That does not count any other expense from running my company like fuel, vehicle maintenance, camera maintenance, replacements, insurance, and the list goes on. Before you know it, I’m paying you to film your wedding!! That’s just not sustainable.


Be aware- if you are in the market a DJ, Photographer, Videographer, or any other person for your wedding or event, just know you get what you pay for. A cheap DJ is going to play from a list on his IPod.  A cheap videographer is going to put his camera on a tripod on the edge of the dance floor and call it good. I hope you like security cam video style because that’s what its looks like.  But more than anything, you are paying for the experience that a professional has gained over time, not the lenses in his bag.


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call or text us.  We would love to hear from you.